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May 6, 2018

Festival GoH Jennifer Estep talks about plotting versus pantsing, Hallmark movies, the business of writing, being a rockstar in Germany, yoga, the death of urban fantasy,


Apr 29, 2018

Do you or don't you? How fast over the course of a series?  Does aging the sleuth make him/her more believable? And what is the optimum age of your protagonist? At one time, every single femal sleuth, PI or amateur seemed to be a thirty-something. Has this changed? Panelists Jennifer Estep, Hayden Trenholm, Susan...

Apr 7, 2018

Given we only have one life-bearing sample to work from, isn't internally-consistent world-building impossible? Do some writers get so immersed in structuring their fanciful world that they include too much superfluous detail or fail to fully develop other aspects of story?

Mar 2, 2018

The author talks about the London plague, Vlad the Impaler, ghosts, executioners, writerly processes and other fun stuff. (PG 13 for language)

Feb 19, 2018

Not every writer feels compelled towards including social responsibility in their craft, but for some it is a foundational part of their work. Join us as the panel discusses how artists play a role in fostering positive social change and why that role is vitally important.

Panelists:  Matthew Bin, Sarah Kades-Graham,...