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Whatever your genre, romantic relationships can be an integral component to your story and characters. Find out how to include romance in your writing, and not just smokin' hot sex.

Sarah Kades

Billie Millholland

Sharon Wildwind

Jude Wilner

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Presented by CaRWA:

The industry has changed and there are more choices for authors than ever before, come find out what those options are from authors who have done it all and been very  successful.


Viva Anna (aka Tawny Stokes)

Steena Holmes

Dara Lee Snow

Louise Behiel

Total run time: 57:49

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Writer as Editor

This panel was recorded Friday August 10, 2012


Steven Owad

Susan McGregor

Neil Godbout

Jack White

Virginia O'Dine

Total Time: 54:00

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This panel is the keynote talk done by our Guests of Honour.

0:05:45  Jack Whyte

0:09:45  Kelley Armstrong

0:21:50 Anthony Bidulka

0:38:45 Vanessa Cardui

0:50:10  Adrienne Kerr

1:09:00 Kevin J. Anderson

1:21:40 Rebecca Moesta

Total Time: 1:35:05

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When Words Collide 2012 Episode 0

Welcome to episode zero of When Words Collide

This podcast will be broadcasting the programming stream from the Foothills 1 from our event that occured August 10 - 12.

This episode is to test the system and make sure everything is working when we start broadcasting for real in a week or so.

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