Panelists discuss ghosts stories--fiction and non-fiction.  They ruminate over spirits they've met, the spectres in their fiction, Ouija boards, and 'real live dead people.'

Panelists: E. C. Bell, Mark Leslie, Laini Giles, S. G. Wong (M)


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Question 1: What about possession?

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Question 2: When it comes to the genre assigned to my romance story with a ghost can it be urban fantasy or is it stuck as paranormal romance?

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Question 3: What about animal ghosts?

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The panel included fantasy, historical, mystery and YA writers who discuss different approaches to research, history, how much research should go into a story and whether you really need to go to Spain.

Panelists: Marty Chan, Susan MacGregor, Barb Galler-Smith, L. S. Johnson, S. G. Wong (M)

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Question 1: How do you approach how your character is going to act according to the culture and the technology?


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Question 2: How do you handle language?

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Mysterious YA author (and store detective) Marty Chan discovers the secret to writing success and explains how his writing makes a difference.

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WWC 2016 GOH speech number four finds the curmudgeonly, retired professor Robert Runte questioning English teachers and praising fan fiction.

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In our 3rd GOH speech, SF&F author and editor Julie Czerneda finds a roomful of people with their heads in the clouds and knows who to blame.

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Continuing with number two of five speeches by 2016 When Words Collide Guests of Honour: Ian Hamilton

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Eve Silver (introduced by Randy McCharles), this is the first of five speeches from the 2016 When Words Collide Festival Guests of Honour. A tale of persistence on the road to publishing success.

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Panelists Janice MacDonald, Axel Howerton, S.G. Wong and Wayne Arthurson tackle thorny questions of gender--and yes!--sex in the PI genre.

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Pick your poison. From traditional herbs to modern medicine, poisons of various varieties have played a role in many a mystery novel. Our panel discusses some of the more novel uses of poisons in various works.

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When Words Collide 2014 panelist/authors Craig DiLouie, Dwayne Clayton, Melodie Campbell and Axel Howerton discuss death scenes, when and how characters should die, and whether violent books, like films, should be rated.

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Young Adult author Jacqueline Guest recounts adventures and inspiration from her travels to schools across the country.

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WWC committee member Tony King interviews D. J. McIntosh, author of The Angel of Eden, The Witch of Babylon and The Book of Stolen Tales during When Words Collide 2014.

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Margarita Gakis, Nina Munteanu (M), Sarah Katyi

Have times changed? Are current fiction writers looking at women through different lenses than the writers of 10, 20, 30 years ago? This panel looks at how women are portrayed in current fiction and asks the  question: Is change still needed?

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Historical fiction author Jack Whyte (The Skystone,The Forest Laird, Knights of the Black and White) and Penguin Canada editor Adrienne Kerr speak and take questions on historical research.

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2014 - 002 An Hour with Brandon Sanderson

The bestselling author of Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive talks about his career, reads from his work and takes questions.

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Join festival guest Mark Leslie for a Q&A discussion of the rapidly evolving world of publishing, from eBooks, to self-publishing, to the role of Kobo Canada.



Mark Leslie

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The 2012 Aurora Awards recorded during When Words Collide 2012

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Publishers and editors discuss industry trends, their working relationship with authors and agents, the impact of ePublishing on their business, and other questions raised from the audience.

Adrienne Kerr

Tina Moreau

Robert Runte

Patrick Swenson

J. Ellen Smith

Justyn Perry

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An exploration of how romance and sex in literature changed over different periods in history.

Michelle Beattie

Alyssa Palmer

Jade Buchanan

Kelley Armstrong

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Kevin J. Anderson

50 published novels later... Kevin J Anderson recounts the long road from aspiring author to bestselling author and how he handled all the potholes and opportunities along the way.


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Rebecca Moesta

Festival guest, Rebecca Moesta, shares samples of her YA publications and other

projects, and answers questions from the audience.


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Thriving in a Changing Market

Adrienne Kerr, Commissioning Editor of Penguin Canada, addresses the rise of e-books.

Adrienne Kerr

Robert J. Sawyer


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Anthony, Stephen, & Jayne discuss the state of Canadian mystery fiction and what makes Canadian Mystery unique.

Anthony Bidulka

Stephen Legault

Jayne Barnard


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The well-known agent, Donald Maass says, "Tension on every page!" What are the best techniques for creating the kind of page-turning suspense that translates into commercial success? Must characters be in continual conflict? How can information be revealed in ways that keep the reader from being confused without "info-dumping" blocks of boring exposition? How much mystery is needed?

Anthony Bidulka

Rhiannon Held 

Susan MacGregor

Barb Geiger

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Bullies, jerks, criminals, villains, monsters, and dark gods. How do different genres portray the villain? What statements do they attempt to make about the human condition? And does the bad guy always have to be a guy?

Susan Calder

Betty Cross

Dave Gross

Steven Owad

Total running time: 0:56:19

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A man walks into a bar... Be it comic relief, a quirky character, comedy, or outright satire, humour is gold when it works and death when it fails. Panelists with diverse approaches to applying humour to their prose discuss their aims and methods.

Dave Duncan

Dave Gross

Sarah Kades

Tim Reynolds

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Presented by ARWA

Whatever your genre, romantic relationships can be an integral component to your story and characters. Find out how to include romance in your writing, and not just smokin' hot sex.

Sarah Kades

Billie Millholland

Sharon Wildwind

Jude Wilner

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Presented by CaRWA:

The industry has changed and there are more choices for authors than ever before, come find out what those options are from authors who have done it all and been very  successful.


Viva Anna (aka Tawny Stokes)

Steena Holmes

Dara Lee Snow

Louise Behiel

Total run time: 57:49

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Writer as Editor

This panel was recorded Friday August 10, 2012


Steven Owad

Susan McGregor

Neil Godbout

Jack White

Virginia O'Dine

Total Time: 54:00

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This panel is the keynote talk done by our Guests of Honour.

0:05:45  Jack Whyte

0:09:45  Kelley Armstrong

0:21:50 Anthony Bidulka

0:38:45 Vanessa Cardui

0:50:10  Adrienne Kerr

1:09:00 Kevin J. Anderson

1:21:40 Rebecca Moesta

Total Time: 1:35:05

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When Words Collide 2012 Episode 0

Welcome to episode zero of When Words Collide

This podcast will be broadcasting the programming stream from the Foothills 1 from our event that occured August 10 - 12.

This episode is to test the system and make sure everything is working when we start broadcasting for real in a week or so.

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