Panelists discuss ghosts stories--fiction and non-fiction.  They ruminate over spirits they've met, the spectres in their fiction, Ouija boards, and 'real live dead people.'

Panelists: E. C. Bell, Mark Leslie, Laini Giles, S. G. Wong (M)


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Question 1: What about possession?

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Question 2: When it comes to the genre assigned to my romance story with a ghost can it be urban fantasy or is it stuck as paranormal romance?

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Question 3: What about animal ghosts?

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The panel included fantasy, historical, mystery and YA writers who discuss different approaches to research, history, how much research should go into a story and whether you really need to go to Spain.

Panelists: Marty Chan, Susan MacGregor, Barb Galler-Smith, L. S. Johnson, S. G. Wong (M)

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Question 1: How do you approach how your character is going to act according to the culture and the technology?


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Question 2: How do you handle language?

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Mysterious YA author (and store detective) Marty Chan discovers the secret to writing success and explains how his writing makes a difference.

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WWC 2016 GOH speech number four finds the curmudgeonly, retired professor Robert Runte questioning English teachers and praising fan fiction.

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In our 3rd GOH speech, SF&F author and editor Julie Czerneda finds a roomful of people with their heads in the clouds and knows who to blame.

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