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Oct 22, 2017

The Rights Factory Inc. president Sam Hiyate recounts how he launched his career as a literary agent in his 2017 Guest of Honour speech.

Oct 13, 2017

We few, we happy few... C.C. Humphreys rhymes, illuminates and quotes Shakespeare during his 2017 GoH speech.

Sep 22, 2017

Wait a minute, you call a winter hat a what, again...?

May 9, 2017

Around the World in 80 Murders: When Words Collide panelists Ian Hamilton, G. W Renshaw, Jayne Barnard, Sharon Wildwind, Mahrie G Reid (M) discuss the myriad locales their fictional characters have encountered the Grim Reaper.

May 9, 2017

Q1. How do you use food in your writing and what is the most memorable use of food you have read?