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May 12, 2022

Some of the best ways to get it right and make all the difference in the effectiveness of your story. (NB: embarrassingly, in a panel about facts, one fact is wrong--the Russian Tsar was Ivan the Terrible, not Peter the Great!)

Barb Galler-Smith, Ann Marston, Tony King, Shelley McAneeley, Michaela Ritchie (M)

Apr 9, 2022

Join prolific authors, Jonas Saul and Tracy Cooper-Posey, who've both had (or still have) literary agents and who have (and still do) self-publish. This interactive discussion covers the pros and cons of self-publishing and the ups and downs of having a literary agent. Get a feel for which direction to go in your own...

Mar 12, 2022

Does a satisfactory mystery depend on plot? Or has the classic whodunit evolved into a mainstream novel with a murder or other significant crime? Panelists debate the elements of a good crime/mystery book (e.g. plot, character, action) and which elements are most important to the story.

Alice Bienia, Jim Jackson, P....

Feb 11, 2022

The rise of environmental fiction, both in literature and film, has spawned several sub-genres such as climate fiction, eco-thrillers, eco-mystery, eco-punk, and eco-romance. Is eco-fiction part of science fiction? Is eco-fiction simply a new fad or does it reflect a cultural awakening to current environmental issues?...

Jan 8, 2022

Panelists Dave Sweet, Julie Hiner, P.D. Workman, Taija Morgan, and Dwayne Clayden (M) will take you on a deep dive into the minds of serial killers and the psychopathic and sociopathic thoughts during their horrific actions. (Some graphic content)